Wiggins Airways Rush Hour at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

Yesterday, I went to spot at my local airport, and I just barely arrived to see most of the Wiggins Airways Aircraft departing.
My Tripod sucks though :(

I hope you enjoy the video!


Very cool. They also fly from my airport to Harrisburg

Huh, I never see any Wiggins flights to KMDT. Wiggins is based in Manchester, so MHT is their hub.
They also fly to KPIT and some other airports, but I never see it on Flightaware

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They fly to EWR? Hmm didn’t know that.

They usually fly:
And then
And repeat


I see them come in here rarely like I haven’t seen it in a bit, but I do know that they do fly here…

Actually I just realized, they operate the FedEx feeders. So correction we see them multiple times per day

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