Wifi will not connect on multiplayer

Before being told to check my connection let me add this was not a problem until the update.
All other games and apps work fine on wifi. Also my wife’s phone works fine as does Netflix, laptop, etc.
The weird thing is the game seems to be online when it loads/connects. Even when I browse for atc locations and flights, wifi works. It’s not until I spawn in multiplayer that the wifi bars stay orange. This happens on all servers. If I turn wifi off and use LTE it works. The problem is I have a limited data plan and I have used up all my data and then some. Every extra gig cost 10.00 over 3gigs. This has gotten expensive. Any one else experiencing this problem?
iPhone 5c latest iOS

Seems strange, likely to be something to do with your WiFi, especially if it works on LTE.

Who provides your broadband (ISP)?

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Ok I stand corrected. The wifi works on advanced server and free flight server but not playground server. Is that server located outside the U.S.?

I guess I need to change internet providers. This has costs me 40 extra dollars for extra data this month alone!