Wifi problem

I have a concerns about wifi problem! I’ve been using two different wifi & problem are the same, can’t connect to the server (only server). Thought it my android system problem but when i use my iPhone 13 pro the concerns are the same. The wifi connections are a good. Currently i’m working at sea so no cellular connections.

Device: POCO X3 GT & iPhone 13 Pro
Operating system: MIUI Global 14. 0.1 & iOS 16.4.1

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Have these Wi-Fi issues just started or have they been present since you started working at sea?

I ask this because unless you are using a satellite phone or something along those lines…Wi-Fi is going to be really poor out on the open ocean.

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You realize that a sat phone won’t run IF right?

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I know that - I’m just pointing out that on any normal mobile device or tablet, Wi-Fi connection is going to be very poor in the open ocean.

At home also i have this problem. At sea, my wifi has 2.5G it’s should be more than enough

Are you having problems with the Wi-Fi itself or infinite flight?

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