Wifi pod included with 737 update

Would we be able to see a wifi pod on the 737s in the new 737 small rework update. I saw the winglets were being re done but could we also so a wifi pod on top?. Only some airlines have so would it be on all liveries or just the ones that have it?
Like shown in the picture^

A 737 update hasn’t been confirmed yet. We only have confirmed split scimitars.


On instagram its confirmed a light update like for the A320, A319 & A318


But the A32x family was slightly reworked not long ago


Key words: Like for the a320

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Meaning like the a320 update not its getting a update. But a320 update was rhe example


I just made a feature request for this I didn’t know some one had already requested this didn’t pop up but you have my vote these pods should be added to the 737’s

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New updated request! please go and use that one now thank you