WiFi or Cellular Data?

Which one do u guys cuz I use both but like isk whoch is better to prevent plane twitching and lag and also the planes for me disappear in close distance I wanna be able see them as far as possible any idea what I should use?

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It depends on the day and where I am at

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I personally use Wifi. Thanks for the
informal post! :)


cellular has been more consistent for me


I use WiFi when I can but Infinite Flight doesn’t use a lot of data at all


I’m sorry, but I’m not sure I understand the point of the question if you’re after graphics capability. Obviously good WiFi is preferable to Cellular any day. But if you’re in a hotel, Cellular is probably better. If you’re wondering about how the sim is rendered on your device, that’s going to be tied to more than a simple ‘generic WiFi’ versus ‘generic Cellular’ answer.

Not everyone’s WiFi is the same, nor is the strength of their Cellular network.

Not to mention that’s only one variable. Your device capabilities are going to have a lot to do with it. I can use the same WiFi connection at home on my iPad Pro (2016) and my old Galaxy S4 sitting over there in a pile of electronics and the results will be vastly different. It won’t have anything to do with WiFi versus Cellular, though.

People who don’t have the same device as you aren’t going to be able to optimize your experience with an answer to this question.


Depends. I live on a ranch in south Texas so imagine that WiFi (I still use it). My cellular is at 1 bar at my house so I prefers WiFi as if you you have WiFi you have way more steaming capabilities and cellular is wayyy more expensive.

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Definitely WiFi, it cuts out less, and is a constant supply. (I’m taking it you have decent WiFi)

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wifi is better

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Yeee i’ll Start using WiFi more

Oh sorry I meant I guess it’s rendering like how all the planes disappear even from super close to you they disappear I wanna be able to see the all the plane sin the airport but idk they all disappear thinking it has something to do with my WiFi or internet connection also noticed if there’s tons of traffic everyone’s names start changing to unknown and also more planes start disappearing

Honestly it’s a pointless question, only you can figure this out. Use Speedtest by ookla and see which is fastest, in the UK it may very well be in the countryside for example that you can get faster internet from the 4G mobile data if you can’t get fibre internet. Do this and you will see which is quickest

Infinite flight does not consume much but if you do a proper flight which will be >1h then you should not use cellular data

Yeah, I absolutely get what you’re after. I just think you’re laying it at the feet of the wrong variable. You should definitely do as Chatta suggested and figure out which is fastest for you, but there are still a lot of other things that figure in to how graphics are rendered on your device.

From what I’ve seen, you’re certainly not alone in experiencing some difficulty. I suspect that optimization and getting rid of these kinds of issues is going to come soon.

Working in IT myself, we never go live with a perfect system. We can always test with a small subset of users, but until that night when you roll it out and everyone is on it and server load spikes, you can’t find some things. That’s just how it goes, unfortunately. But then you take all those issues that arise from the release and get to work making sure it works more seamlessly for everyone. I’m sure your issues, which, again, are shared by plenty of others, are at the top of the list on making sure that the sim returns to the point you don’t worry about rendering issues. It just takes a little patience.

It sucks to wait, I know. I promise it’s no fun being on the other end, either, counting down how long you have to fix it before you have a riot on your hands. :) But I’m sure hotfixes will continue to roll out.

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Well, hey, look at that:

I’m psychic.

(Or I just work in IT.)

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I travel for work and some public wifi are just downright horrible. Hotel internet is good for surfing and email but Infinite Flight is questionable. The same goes for vacation spots.

Download Speedtest or go to speedtest.net and compare the wifi vs cell speed. Then ask yourself what you plan to do with the flight and do you have data to cover it if you are on cellular.

Infinite Flight is all about streaming. Streaming plane data, scenery, etc. The better the network, the better your flight may be. Also think about your network. If you are going through three VPNs just to reach the internet it may be a little much for streaming.


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