Wifi issue

I dont know what happened… But its 4 days now the GLOBAL SERVER does not work on wifi but when im using data it works… Same when entering the game im stuck in loading screen when using wifi but when i switch to data it works… I turn off my phone our router but nothing happens… I am playing for 6 months now but its the first time i encounter this problem i also try other apps using wifi but all works perfectly fine its inconvenient for me because most of the time i use wifi …

What WiFi service provider do you use?

Just looked and saw you posted in your other topic earlier about using PLDT.

See this post:

I just had the same issue. Never before. I was in flight for 5h and I noticed that global server was offline. exited the route and couldn’t re-launch it till I saw this. I am hot spotting my iPad through my iPhone using data and it works. I hope this doesn’t become a permanent issue

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Please don’t create duplicate issue topics and continue the first one if needed.

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