WiFi Domes


If the image is loading do you see the white dome on top the aircraft? Personally I think that is what makes that livery look good and it is applicable for other airlines.

What’s the point of this?


It sure looks OK on white liveries but ruins this one in my opinion.

Some liveries look better with this on. Should there be a feature to turn it on or off? For people who will enjoy it and for people who wouldn’t care.

Well in real life you can’t just turn it off it’s there built into the aircraft.


That’s not how it works. Sharklets for example depends on the aircraft registration (in the game)

If you wanna vote for it

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I personally like the 737 one better than your example with the A320 above (maybe this one is a different size for a different airline I don’t know)

Sorry for the image quality

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