Wifi amount per hour

I was wondering. How much WIFI does Infinite flight live need every hour on average?

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I cannot tell you the exact number, however I‘m pretty sure that it takes quite a lot since the scenery must be streamed from the server. If you fly online it takes even more because the other aircraft must be loaded.

Correct me if I‘m wrong.


Tbh I don’t think it’s that much.

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Really depends on how long your flight is (how much scenery is being streamed) and how busy the airport/airspace is

If you went to the same airport a number of times, and had little or no traffic and flew patterns the scenery would already be cached on your device so it would use less data


I don’t know, that’s something you ask @schyllberg

No need to post at all then :)

Depends on area, amount of traffic, airplane count, how many models/liveries that is already downloaded etc. There’s no really good answer.


It’s not a whole lot but if you want leeway for large volume of traffic I’d say 100mb per hour or so. You can easily test it by using your data and doing a single pattern at a semi busy airport and then average it out over an hour to see what you would expect.

Sometimes I fly on my 4G and it takes almost nothing. I would say less then 100MB

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