Widerøe Virtual︱Official Thread - CEASING OPERATIONS

The Official Widerøe Virtual Thread



Here at Widerøe Virtual, we strive to provide pilots with a professional environment. With hubs spread out across the whole of Norway, Widerøe Virtual supplies great routes for pilots to enjoy. I am very lucky to be in a VA with a professional atmosphere of such and highly professional staff members. It’s been a long road to get to where we are today, but every step along the journey became smoother and easier thanks to the support from the community. Thank you.

-Vinne [WFVA CEO]

Vinne - CEO
Infinite Flight Community: @Vinne

​Information: The Chief Executive Officer is in charge of the big
decisions made internally and publically in WFVA, as well as being the overall owner of Widerøe Virtual.

Kuba - COO
Infinite Flight Community: @Kuba_Jaroszczyk

​Information: The Chief Operating Officer works alongside the CEO.​

Vacant Position - General Manager

​Information: The General Manager helps the CEO and COO with many things and keeps the VA standing on its feet.

Vacant Position - Chief Pilot

​Information: The Chief Pilot is the most skilled pilot in Widerøe
Virtual and will work alongside the Head Training Instructor.​

Connor - Head Training Instructor​
Infinite Flight Community: @Connor4477

​Information: The Head Training Instructor will train a group of 5 pilots over the course
of 2 days (20 minutes per session) using Cirrus SR22s.

Bombardier Dash 8 Q400

We rely on the Canadian Aerospace Company Bombardier’s Dash 8 Q400 as the backbone of our fleet. Our Dash 8 Q400s sure are a pleasure to fly over the Infinite Flight Norwegian skies. Pilots can operate this this beauty in the seafoam green Widerøe livery in Infinite Flight.

Embraer E190-E2

The Embraer E190-E2 is the newest member of our fleet. Pilots can enjoy flying this state of the art machine in the Generic livery on Infinite Flight and will have to fly it as the Embraer E190, as there currently is Embraer E190-E2 or livery for it to wear on Infinite Flight.

Widerøe Virtual has partnerships with the following VAs, which enhances the fleet variety and routes that our pilots can fly:

Finnair Virtual

WFVA and AYVA pilots will be able to fly each others aircraft, enhancing the VA experience for them.

SAS Virtual

WFVA and SASV pilots will be able to fly each others aircraft, enhancing the VA experience for them.

Pilots at WFVA have an immense pilot ranking system to reward them in their constant flying. This includes rewards such as different pilot ranks and accessibility to different aircraft in the Widerøe Virtual fleet.

WFVA Cadet Pilot

Upon joining Widerøe Virtual, pilots will be under the WFVA Cadet Pilot rank and will gain access to the Cirrus SR22.

WFVA Co-Pilot

Upon reaching 5 hours, pilots will be under the WFVA Co-Pilot rank and will gain access to the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400.

WFVA Captain

Upon reaching 10 hours, pilots will be under the WFVA Captain rank and will gain access to the Embraer E190-2.

WFVA Commander

Upon reaching 20 hours, pilots will be under the WFVA Commander rank and will gain access to all of the aircraft in the WFVA fleet, including codeshared aircraft.

We look forward to having you onboard with the wonderful team at Widerøe Virtual.

Application Form


Sound like a cool airline with many destinations.


Nice thread best of luck with the future


One beautiful VA to explore Norway with Turboprops. 😉


Finally! Congrats!
Wish you guys good luck 😊
The Dash is a nice bird to fly 👍🏻


Norway, another beautiful northern country
hope you guys are successful, looking good so far :)


Great thread! Welcome to the VA community and best of luck in the future!

This looks really great! I will join

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Awesome! Have you submitted the application form?

Yes, i have

Great! I should get back to you soon with a response. Keep an eye on yours DMs 👀

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yes even I joined and submitted the application form…waiting for a reply :)

Good luck WFVA! Wishing the best of luck to you all.


We removed you from our slack as you didn’t answer any of our questions and didn’t seem active.

I never joined?

The invitation was sent, we already had told you that in the application PM but you never replied.

Widerøe Virtual is under renovation.

To whom it may concern:

We regret to inform you that Widerøe Virtual will be under heavy renovation for an unknown period of time due to the recent withdraw from the publishing of our website and some other minor problems. Applications will be suspended until further notice.

Sorry for any inconveniences caused.

-Vinne [WFVA CEO]


Today we have made the decision to shut down WFVA for good, due to the lack of staff and pilots.

We think it is necessary to have a new start after rethinking what we have done wrong, and we’ll come back as another VA stronger than ever.

Thanks to does who have stuck around with us for this 1 short month of operations, we hope to see you again soon.

-@Vinne [Former WFVA CEO]