Widerøe E190 E-2 orders

The norweigan domestic carrier has announced orders for 3 e190 and have plans for 12 think this will be great for their routes sadly they didn’t get the a320 NEO because their livery would have been awesome on the a320 just think of it.


Widerøe doesn’t need NEO’s. E190’s are just right. Would have hoped for some Sukhoi’s, but yeah.


I know but IT would looks good think about IT on a a320

Reminds me of FlyBe. They fly Q400s and E-Jets.

Big fan of the E-Jets actually.

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Everything isn’t about the look ;) I think the A380 looks good with our livery, let’s choose that for out small domestic flight. ;)

Lets fly GOT-ARN with a380

Wideroe’s livery just looks amazing on any plane you put it on, but I’m very excited to see how these Embraer’s are going to turn out.

Great, the E-2s are awesome. And let’s not forget that the wings were designed by Boeing! Hopefully going to a deserving airline.

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