Widerøe Dash 8-100


That is so adorable. Almost looks like it was photoshopped to look so small. I like it.


It Is sweet nic name little and green

What is its range?

I don’t know

The standard version of the q100 has a range just over 1,000nm.

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I’m sure its like super overpowered. Those engines on such a small plane


How many passengers can that carry? Three? or five? :) Personally I prefer the Q400…

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Almost 20 likes come on guys make this happened nice work

I was just going to post this. :)

What a beaty! Looks so cute.
This would be good for short hops in Norway.

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We already have the Q400. :) On one hand, the Q100 wouldn’t be that hard to remodel, on the other hand, spending time on different aircraft versions isn’t the first thing I want the devs to do.

But as a norwegian, I’ve seen this aircraft many times, it’s adorable. And this flies in some of the world’s most challenging airports and weather, Widerøe pilots are said to be one of the best pilots in the world.


I love it! Love the Q100, would like to see this.

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It looks so cool. I want to fly it.

I like it :)

They really are! Around a year ago I flew on one of Widerøe’s Q100s from Svolvær to Bodø. We performed a short approach for runway 25 which was awesome to experience. We came in from the North, flew over the airport, turned a close downwind and then a really short final. :)


Cutie! I fly with -100s several times a year in the northern part of Norway. Normal with diversions, go arounds and landings in strong crosswind conditions. Fun!


Oh, I look at FR24 about the airports in Northern Norway, the approaches look pretty cool. Especially Lakselv when coming from south.
Also, I was a few days near Alta airport, I saw these many times.

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Some of the airports, especially Hammerfest (ENHF) have high minimas because of mountains close to the airport. Many fun approaches!

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We need this cute little plane!

I like the different greens! Remember it’s a -100, not Q100.
@Bulba the plane is a -Wii.