Wideroe Airlines E190-E2

Some information on Widerøe

Widerøe Airlines is a Norwegian based airline that flies short regional hops. Their route network serves 41 domestic and 6 international destinations. Their main hubs include Bergen (ENBR), Bodø (ENBO), Tromsø (ENTC), Sadefjord (ENTO), and Oslo (ENGM). Their fleet is comprised of both the Bombardier Dash 8 and the Embraer E190. For more information on Widerøe Airlines, click on this link:

Reasons to have this livery in IF

  • This livery allows pilots to explore small yet stunning airports in Norway, and other parts of Europe

  • This is a very nice livery to look at, as the green and white combination is very aesthetically pleasing

  • This livery is a perfect way to start building more regional routes in Infinite Flight

Link to rework Embraer E-jets

Photo Credit: https://airwaysmag.com/airlines/live-wideroe-takes-delivery-of-the-worlds-first-embraer-e190-e2-photos-videos/

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I have no votes left. But it is a stunning Aircraft!! I would so vote for it


It is sure is stunning, thanks for the support!

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No problem 😁

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While I really love the livery, but you should probably update the title to reflect that the aircraft is actually a E190-E2 👍

Other then that I love it 😍

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This is true, I just updated it. Thanks for letting me know

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Your welcome!
Hope this gets added with the E2


The E2 is not planned for development.