Widebodies at LGA

yep ok sos …

The largest aircraft that operates at LGA currently is the Air Canada 767. I’ve seen the Air Force 757 and Delta 757 land there. Trump’s 757 is always there.

I can’t stand when people land 777s there though, as LGA only has one gate that can support a heavy, and it is used by Air Canada.


I remember the good old days of 2009 when there was always an American and Delta 757 and the 767-300 which would occasionally come. Recently I’ve seen the Air Canada Rouge 767-300 taking off there.

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Me being born and raised in New York, I grew up near LaGuardia in the 80’s & early 90’s. I saw many wide bodies fly over the house. Even saw the Concord fly over many times! It was cool to see these planes growing up!


cracking tune. CANNOT beat that song.

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I love the pic of the AA MD-11 and the twin towers in the background.

Brings out feelings of nostalgia for me.

I knew 767’s fly there sometimes. Just don’t show up there in IF with a A380 and it’s fine

I think I’ll try a DC-10, but no higher. Not even an MD-11.

Hmm, these are some pretty cool facts about KLGA, I’ll still plan to not fly out of there in real life though.


People are starting to use DC-10s at LGA!


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