Widebodies at LGA

I used to think that LGA could only take single-aisle jets, but it turns out that LGA used to have scheduled services with DC-10s, L-1011s and 767s in the eighties and nineties. Enough of me talking. Here are pictures of various widebodies at LGA!
Credit: Unknown
Credit: http://www.airliners.net/photo/American-Airlines/McDonnell-Douglas-DC-10-10/0249507/L?sid=3d5ceb2af9b601dd7bf0752bdd95ebd60287282
Credit: http://www.airliners.net/photo/Trans-World-Airlines/Lockheed-L-1011-385-1-TriStar/0287282/L?sid=5e47b0b78ff0503701063c5bfd816d60http://

Maybe I’ll fly a DC-10 there sometime. Keep in mind, these DC-10s were not fully loaded, so no transatlantic flights, only domestic from LGA. Trying to prevent another KNUC.


I don’t think it is a widebody/heavy issue at KLGA, it’s more of a wingspan issue. That is why 787’s cannot fly there, but the similar capacity 767 can.


@FlyFi would love this topic! :)

Air Canada occasionally operates a B767-300 between LGA and YYZ during the summer.


That is so cool! I visit family in NYC during the summer, so I’ll see if I can catch that.

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AA used to operate wide bodies (767) from LGA-MIA in the early 2000’s. They use a321s/b738s now, although I assume that DC10 you showed a photo of was heading there.

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As others have said, it’s a wingspan issue. Also, (as others have said lol), Air Canada still operates their 767 during the summer between LGA and YYZ, quite surprising since LGA’s runways aren’t the longest. Not to mention a very famous 757 is housed their when a very famous person uses it to fly to LGA, not too sure if it’s still used as AF1 may be used instead.


That’s Awesome! I know Air Canada flies a Boeing 767-300 From time to time to LaGuardia from Toronto. I didn’t even know a DC-10 Could land there.

you mean the trump plane?

they have to use af1 currently as it has loads of safe stuff like anti-missile defences etc

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@Kevin @callum5124

I took this photo a year ago at LGA:


nice was that before he became president

Actually, I am getting my years confused. This was after he was inaugurated.

which one is his the Cessna citation X or the bigger plane. he probably didn’t like the weather so bought 10 more houses somewhere else lol

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@Reedgreat that is not him then he has to use af1

also apparently his son is using it while he cannot use it apparently.

also it is lined with gold. some people are too rich for their own good

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That plane is always parked there i believe he has parked it there since 2011 when he is not flying in it

Yup, I have seen it there on other occasions as well. Always in the same spot when it is not being used.

I’ve passed by it myself when I was LGA.

upon my way to miami in early 2014 from a 737 i saw that plane there

… a fire.


lol I am not even going to ask who likes trump and who dosent as that will cause a world ending argument lol

Guys, we’re getting off topic. Could we please refrain from Politics? Thank you.