Widebodies and Metropolises Aren't Everything :^)

Hey everyone!

So yesterday I was looking at liveries for the Cessna 208 trying to find any commercial flight I could possibly do. One airline at the bottom of the list caught my eye, which is Zan Air, doing flights primarily out of Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar in C208s. Since I had an urge to fly into Africa, I thought I'd give it a try and fly from Arusha, around the Kilimanjaro area to Zanzibar, the tropical island off of Tanzania's coast.

Airline & Aircraft: Zan Air C208
Server: Expert
Flight time: An hour to hour and a half.

We start off in the tiny Arusha airport where the Cessna 208 sits on the ramp waiting for the next flight. Mount Meru is in the distance.

The flight, some minutes later rotates out of Arusha, in arguably one of the most scenic departures in the world. Mt Meru’s peak is still in view.

The mountain had passed, making way for one of the most famous natural landmarks to show up over the line of the cockpit, Mount Kilimanjaro!

We carry on our flight across Tanzania, viewing more mild, yet equally stunning mountains.

You never know what you can find around Africa 😉

The mountains have calmed down, making way for the flatter African countryside from a

Beginning descent into Zanzibar, saying goodbye to the mainland.

Now approaching the lovely island of Zanzibar, crystal clear waters in every corner of the island.

And finally, an incredibly smooth and spectacular arrival in the Zanzibar airport.

Which one was your favourite?

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I just want to take this time to thank the Devs for creating an aircraft that is so robust yet so underrated and creates many opportunities for flights like this. It has created good chances for domestic flying around some of the most scenic parts of the world which is amazing.

I’ll see you all later!


Lovely, images aren’t loading in. Stand by everyone…

Edit: All is fixed, enjoy!

Good idea and beautiful images.

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Thank you!

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Fantastic pictures! Such a rare sight and somewhat unkown area, with spectacular landscapes. Great to see the Kilimanjaro too. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you very much.

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This is one lovely capture alright! Low key makes me feel that the white layer between the sky and the ground is a thin layer of ☁️ 👌🏽

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That’s a definite keeper :^)

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I heard you talking about this yesterday, great shots!

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Now those are awesome pictures!

Flying smaller aircraft/GA is so fun! So much cool scenery to be discovered!

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Good location choice! I had the opportunity to fly a similar route about a year ago IRL (Flew into Arusha, left from Kilimanjaro and went to Zanzibar). You did a good job capturing the best of the scenery.

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