Wi-Fi Network Issue

The game was having issue i dont know if it is just me but the game wont open when im using wifi also the global server doesnt work but it works when im using data its incovenient for me because most of the time i use wifi i try restarting ,turning of my phone but still the same its 2 days now but its the same

I’d say that the issue is with your WiFi. Do other apps/websites load?

If not, try restarting your WiFi router should work.

Does your wifi happen to have a vpn on?

Yap any other app doesnt have problem i always play using dual screen and any other apps work perfectly fine

You might want to try deleting Infinite Flight and then installing it again, if that doesn’t work, we can troubleshoot more.

Only do that as a last resort.

Please try another Wi-Fi network to see if the same issue occurs.

Could you check the network connection by running a speedtest tool like https://www.speedtest.net/ and post a screenshot of the results?

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