Whyevenbothernaming's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]

I’ll be hosting in about 23 hours, should I get you ready with the sign-up? No one seems to be coming today, so I’ll close it soon.

I’ll join.

Alright, are we doing pattern work or flying out somewhere?

Pattern work. It’s basically the only way we can test people

Feedback from: General 575


  • Taxi to runway: N/A

  • Taxi to parking: N/A


  • Takeoff / make ___ traffic: ✅

  • Cleared for the option: ❌

  • Sequencing: N/A

  • Exit runway: 🟧

Other Feedback:

  • Right traffic would’ve been more ideal due to the terrain on the left side of the airport

  • The pattern instruction was not necessary because I am already in the pattern. The only time you need to do a pattern entry is if an aircraft is inbound and not in the pattern or is requesting a different runway

  • “Cleared for the option” would be more ideal instead of “cleared to land” because I was in the pattern. In most cases, aircraft will do touch and goes so it’s better to clear them for the option

  • I’m debating on whether you needed to send an exit runway when I was stopping or if the back taxi was just better suited because of the weird airport layout

There is some room for improvement here, but keep practicing. I would highly encourage opening at airports with parallel runways without the need for back taxiing so it makes things easier for the pilots trying to test you and yourself.

This isn’t necessary because most, if not all aircraft who are here to test you will remain in the pattern.

Thanks for the feedback!

Most airports in the area are like this, the back taxi I’d guess would apply at first, but an exit command would work similar to a progressive taxi instruction, as there were multiple exits but only two led to the terminal.

Understood ✅👍!

Understood ✅👍!

A right pattern would bring you over the strait, which I guess would be easier, but it would also conflict with airspace. I’m pretty sure the airport’s zone is only towards the west due to this.

Why do you have gate reservations lol

Small airport. Inexperienced controller. I don’t think I’m ready to handle too much traffic yet.

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People who don’t know about this thread will spawn anyways so you can potentially get heavy traffic even if you try to minimize it. Your better off not adding gate assignments

Yeah, I guess so. I’ll remove them next time-speaking of which, for the double runways thing, does Meridian work (KMEI)? I know they’re not exactly parallel, but I like the taxiway layout so I’m positive I could make it work

Ping List

@whyevenbothernaming @Delta174J @deltaoutofdca @oda @DJW @MAviationYT

See main topic post for information.

Please note that this will be the last session at Chios National Airport “Homer” (JKH/LGHI) due to @Butter575’s suggestions. After today, sessions will be held in Meridian Regional Airport “Key Field” (MEI/KMEI).

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Unable it’s at 10pm. Sorry

No worries. I’ll be doing it earlier either tomorrow or on Wednesday.

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Anyone plan on coming? I won’t be doing reservations since there are only 3 gates anyways, but I’d like to know roughly how much traffic there will be.

This session has been postponed by 20 minutes.

Add me to the ping list!

Gotcha down.

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Ping List

@whyevenbothernaming @Delta174J @deltaoutofdca @oda @DJW @MAviationYT @danii

See main topic post for information.

Ping List

@whyevenbothernaming @Delta174J @deltaoutofdca @oda @DJW @MAviationYT @danii

Anyone plan on coming? I have relocated to Meridian, I’ll be closing in 5 minutes if no one shows up.

Sorry. I’m taking off for an ultra Long haul overnight