Why'd the Concorde Go Out of Service?

This question has always bugged me…

The Concorde has only had one crash, and was the fastest passenger jet in the air, while unlike any Boeing aircraft, like the 747, has had many crashes.

So why’d the Concorde just… die?


Maybe because it was old (we’re talking about a 30-year-old or more plane), high maintenance costs, etc. not sure.

Inneficiency, noise pollution, age, you get the idea.


That pretty much makes sense.

  1. Old plane(no new models because lack of demand and no need)
  2. Lack of service and parts from Airbus(it is not an airbus, but the responsibilities were handed to them)
  3. Plane crashes(Sept. 11 Attacks on the day the Concorde re-entered service, Concorde crash etc)
  4. People just really couldn’t be bothered to spend more money on a plane ticket just to get there faster, and less people were wanting to fly because of crashes.
    This resulted in both BA and Air France losing money, so they decided to retire them.
    I hope this briefly explains why the Concorde went out of service.

The Concorde is indeed a beautiful plane, I always wanted to see this mighty eagle.

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Oh. When Concorde re-entered service after the crash, it was a bad time because it was on the day of the September 11 attacks, and even on flights without the Concorde they were losing money as lack of people on board, so this gave all the more a reason to retire the Concorde.


It also got banned in some places for its loud noise.


low travel demand. restricted airports, safety, and tire bursts

Had to compare it to Boeing huh.

Boeing a older company that of course had more crashed. Back in they day plane tech was sh**.

Airbus learned from Boeing crashes and the a380 -. I will stay on topic

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COST is the main reason. It was the most expensive commercial aircraft to fly on and still is.

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Supersonic flight is business. Due to noise restrictions, you cannot have a sonic boom above certain countries (united states) so that knocks out a big chunk. (Several other countries too) so now you can MAINLY only go over water at supersonic speed. And if you were over land you wouldn’t be going too much faster than a regular average Joe plane. It would be a better idea to get a different ticket. The cost of the plane was NUTS too. This plane guzzled so much gas I don’t even want to talk about it. This plane couldn’t hold very many people, low demand seems like it would be good for this lesser seated plane right? Wrong. This means that they cannot pay off the plane(s) any more. They jack up the ticket prices and just knock out any customers.


Airbus pulled support for the aircraft.

Some say that AF pressured them to do it after AF realized that they were not making money on them while BA are making money.

Yeah, the ticket prices were nuts as well. The ticket prices reflected the operating costs of the aircraft. BA actually turns a profit on their Concorde operations.

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The plane was mostly used by business people who went to NYC or London for the day for business

And its efficiency was becoming really bad. In 2003 money it cost the same to run 3 747-400 instead of 1 concorde


And it cost at least 4-5 times as much to buy a ticket on Concorde. The numbers work out.

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Indeed, for all the people citing fuel burn as the Concorde’s demise, it simply wasn’t. Plenty of people wanted to pay a lot of money to get across the pond faster and Concorde catered to that. Yes, Concorde needs special procedures, yes it burned a lot of fuel, yes it is loud. But it all worked out and it would’ve continued to work out for the another few years at least if Airbus didn’t pull support.

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