Why Would You Use NAV2?

Hey IFC,
I have looked around but I am unable to find a reason to fly using NAV2 instead of GPS or NAV1.
Can anyone help?

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I would say just in case a runway change occurs. Personally I don’t use NAV2


Personally, I use it for VOR navigation in my little C172
Or to lock in on a fix in the event of a missed approach/go around


If I have to plug in a VOR for a DME arc that goes into an ILS, I would like to have both on the ready to reduce the workload during an ILS intercept.


Kinda RNAV right?

i use NAV2 to assign airport VORS which then pops up on my hub saying what distance is left, saves me having to keep switching to the map


NAV2 is used for DME/arcs or VOR navigation. NAV1 is the primary choice though.

Simple example I flown yesterday

You set nav 1 on SPA 203° and nav 2 on ATV 347° (you point directly at ATV in a first time)
You set nav 1 on SPA 203°, nav 2 on DDM 329°


I use NAV2 to fly an instrument departure with.
Often, the procedure calls for an initial frequency, usually the ILS of the departure runway and then the second frequency is for the navigational aid you’re tracking as part of the SID.

When using a SID/STAR with multiple VORs. NAV1 is usable for ILS/VOR while NAV2 only for VOR. Using both enables reduction of workload by reducing the need to change the VORs one is tuned to.

I sometimes use it when VFR in the 172. It can be useful for practicing “position fixes” using VORs/DMEs. If you tune to one VOR on Nav1 and a different VOR on Nav 2 you can use the OBS to determine your radial FROM each VOR respectively by turning the dial until the line on the CDI is centred. It is important that you see the “FROM” flag . If you have a VFR chart you can draw a straight line from each VOR at the pre-determined radial. Where these two lines cross is your position. It can be done without Nav2 but it’s alot easier and more acurate if you use it.

@Q-ENAN - apologies if this sounds naive (consider me a novice). I understand that for ROPO1F you could set NAV1 on SPA 203 and NAV2 on ATV 347. But how would you navigate from SPA to the ATV VOR? Would it be a manual turn?

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Affirmative, it is easier with the HUD because you get an arrow pointing directly at the VOR. Otherwise you would have to manualy find the correct radial in order to fly to ATV. I think it was 034 during my flight.

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How do you assign a nav 2?

On the map when you click on a VOR you will have the option to assign nav1 or nav2

But how do they work like what is the purpose im a little confused and yes i did read through the topic

How does what work specifically? Nav 2?

yes how does nav2 work

I think it would make much more sense to just use GPS when there a waypoints. Using the direct feature for VORs is more useful though

Same as Nav 1. U just have to change your source to Nav 2 if you want to navigate from it.