Why would this happen?

I have recently noticed a slight glitch… I am not being started at the airport at which I last landed… I did make sure it was checked in my settings…and after making sure I properly ended the flight, also, it’s not on every flight… which led me to believe it was something I am doing wrong? I took a flight from Palm beach to North Eluthra Island in the Bahamas last night and in my replay it’s listed as KPBI to UNKNOWN … I filed an entire flight plan with approach and vectors to final… is there anyone out there having the same issue?


I have been having the same issue for the last month or so

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Did you end your flightplan at the actual airport or did you end it on some random waypoint at the end of your STAR? That could affect it… not sure though.

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I wouldn’t worry too much about the “unknown” replay.

Also, spawning in at the wrong airport is likely just that, a glitch. The mods/devs are likely aware of it, but there are more pressing matters for them to deal with, like finishing up the A330 rework/Project Metal/terminal buildings for select airports, etc.

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No I ended the flight with parking brakes on and cold shut down… I can’t figure this one out!

It’s good to see I have pulled up a rare gem! Good to have you with us Bookers!

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So I am not alone! Thank you! This was the confirmation I was looking for!

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You’ve possibly parked at a gate that your aircraft does not fit at

I came across a topic that seems similar to your own, so I will link it here so you can take a look at some of the replies.

Here is a helpful reply from Chris_S.

Hope this helps you to resolve the issue, one which I have also experienced in the past.

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I was in a TBM … I started a new flight and took off from where I landed, it spawned me in exactly where I stoped, although you are correct, if I stop at a gate that is to small for possibly the aircraft I’m flying it will do this… but not in this case!

Also make sure your plan ends at the airport and not just vectors to final. Sometimes the final is a waypoint at the end of the runway and does not connect to the airport itself.

Now this may be the root of my problem! I will watch out for this!! Thanks!

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