Why would the controller do this?

Hey guys!

Approach had recently handed me off to Tower when I was arriving at MMMX.I contacted tower announce inbound on the ILS and all that good stuff.Then I had loose connection for about 1 minute, ut when the connection came back I was on 2 mile final and right as I touched down the controller told me to go around.There was another pilot just entering the red zone so I wouldve had enough time to exit the runway.Why did the controller execute this action?

Controller: @FabianBouw

Note: I was not ghosted

You are better asking the controller.

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He isnt as active on the IFC ,so if you come across him in the IFATC slack please notify him to check his IFC PM.

Please PM him. I’ve given him a heads up that you have a question, I’m sure he’ll respond when he’s available.

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