Why Why Why?

I’m kinda wondering why people play on live if they’re going to just mess around. Tbh, it ruins others days when pilots mess around and land on others planes, or taxi through them. I think I speak for a lot of people how this can be very frustrating. Also, people are taking out their time to be ATC instructors. What if we all flew and listened to them? :) Thanks pilots. Have a great flight.


What server(s)? (Although I may know the answer…)

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Easy solution for you: Its named Advanced Server…


Correction, “Easy”.

The issue isn’t so much with the playground and free flight severs. Everyone is enetiled to enjoy live, the new updates add restrictions on people being able to ‘cause havoc’ on the advanced server, there are exceptions but it’s slowly improving.


Sorry…beer day today…😁

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Its a training server, so what can you expect? Some people don’t check the forums for ATC help and some are just trolls. Same with ATC controllers. Some don’t visit the forum for help and some could be trolls. In the end, you have to remember, its a training server for all pilots and controllers.

We’ve got your back bro :)

Another PG issues…?

I think its more of “Why does this happen at Playground” issue.

cough playground mods cough

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cough cough I know that and there’s already a lot of “Playground moderating groups” cough cough.

cough cough you missed what I was trying to point out cough cough

Well, yes, there is Playground Mods, SkyPatrol, and IFM to “moderate” Playground, but that won’t stop trolls from doing their usual “trolling”

In the end, like I said before, its a training server, so are you really expecting people to know everything?

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