Why when I use the "high graphics" on Infinite Flight my frame rate is really bad?

There are like “low” “high” and “medium” graphics, but I simply cant chose medium or high graphics without my frame rate being REALLY bad,? how can I improve that? Thank you :)

If you could let us know your device name and specification, that would be helpful for the community to provide their personal experience if they have the same device ;)

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Try low and your frame rate may improve and do you have anti aliasing on or frame rate limit?


Well my phone is a 2018 Samsung A6 with improved 32 GB of space and 3GB ram

Try turning down your airplane count in kive mode

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Live sorry

Thats probably your device, it’s probably not enough to run IF perfectly, that’s why the frame rates are so bad.

Unfortunately there’s nothing much that we can do as your device is a bit too old or it doesn’t have the requirements to run IF on high or medium.

Just to make sure we’re not missing the one thing in IF that purposely limits frame rate:
You do not have Battery Saver mode on, correct?

yup, my battery saver is off… its probably my device that’s old I had the phone for 3
years. Topic can be closed now

Thank you victor, I will change phones, :)

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closed per request