Why were this plane's strobes on at the gate?

Hey lads!

I was at EGLL the other day and saw this 772 with its strobes on at the gate. They were on for a good few minutes before they were turned off.

If it was to check, would that not just be done for a few seconds?

Does anyone know why this was?



Kind of a basic answer but likely one of two things

  • Pilots forgot to turn them off

  • They were being tested/inspected briefly


Well they turned them off so I guess it was either a test or a mistake. You can’t exactly turn them on for a test and turn around easily.

Or they left the blinkers on driving in the slow lane on the taxiway.


Most probably a daily check, testing all exterior lights.


Sounds reasonable, yeah probably a longer check. Cheers lads!

Imagine if the strobe lights were momentarily switched on during night time.

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