Why were the Flaps 1+F removed on the A320 family?

Before the A321 was updated, it had the flap settings 1, 1+F, 2, 3 and F. But after that, and with the addition of the other members of the A320 family, the flaps 1+F were removed. Why was that? It would have been more realistic to leave them.


Maybe they don’t have it IRL.

And why are they listed in the max flap speed chart?


I doubt the 318 and 319 has flaps 1+F from before


The wing is the same for every aircraft in the A320 family I think.

I don’t know honestly, maybe it was just a little mistake.

And if you check here, on page 25, it lists flaps 1+F as a takeoff setting for the A319 too.


Very interesting indeed. I only recall Flaps 1+F on the 321, 330, 340, 380


You’re not the only one who has this concern

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Since the wing is the same for all the family, it should be in there. Maybe it was too difficult for the time being to synchronize the slat/flap deployment.

The flaps are different on the A321 to provide it with more lift. If recall correctly, the flaps on the A321 are double slotted, versus the single slotted setup on the others.

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Check the link I provided above. Page 25.

Read what Phoenix one said^^

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I read what he said. No need to point it again.

Just to fill the 10 Characters…

It does have flaps 1 but the F means flaps

The “F” in “1+F” stands for “flaps”. When EXTENDING to Flap position “1” on the airbus from CLEAN configuration (meaning flaps 0 degrees and slats 0 degrees) to position “1”, only the slats are extended to 18 degrees while the flaps REMAIN at 0 degrees (slats -18 flaps-0). So the max speed for flap position “1” applies to this configuration. However, if flaps are RETRACTED from flap position 2 (meaning flaps 14 degrees and slats 22 degrees) e.g. during takeoff to flap position 1, then the result is FLAPS 10 degrees SLATS 18 degrees. Thus, the max speed for this flap position is “1+F”. That’s how the system is configured. IF does not simulate this in the airbus. You will notice this when you extend from flap position 0 to 1, both the flaps and slats are extended. It should only extend slats while maintaining flaps in 0 degree position. I hope this answers the question. Thats why you dont have a flap position “1+F” on your selection. It is actually configuered in the aircraft ststem in reality. So the pilot just selects “1” regardless.


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