On a few of my topics i made i noticed most of my replies to my topics were gone. Did they dissapeer or did a mod delete them for some bizzare reason? Im getting so mad that lots of thing that i make and post are deleted just becuase 1 mod dosent like it


This is probably a thing to private message a mod not create a topic over.


I have no idea who it was but it could possibly be swang007 cause hes always trigger happy when delting my post


Let’s not blame anybody about this unreasonable topic and just keep this to yourself. That would be the smart thing to do.


Swang007 is responsible for almost all my post that have gotten deleted


Again, keep that to yourself. Ask him directly if you think it was him. There is no need to announce this to anyone else.




If I was a mod I would close this topic so let them do what they need to do and get back to flying.


There was no need to delete my post


@Blackbird71 please don’t take on the forum for any moderation issue, keep calm and msg a mod/admin. Post are usually deleted/moved for the following reasons:

  • They are off topic
  • They are against our guidelines
  • Enough ppl flag them as inappropriate.

If you still feel something went wrong, contact me with a link to the thread where post were deleted.

Consider this an official warning, we do not take “outbursts” kindly here. We can solve anything in a calm and respectful way.


If you want people to take you seriously, then consider acting mature, stop acreaming in the internet and gettingg irrationally mad.

It’s just a couple topics deleted for a reason I am sure is reasonable


Wayyy more than a couple i actually lost track of how many post he has deleted


Well, you’re the only one who has noticed they’re missing, meaning you’re the only one who cares, meaning please don’t post irrelevant stuff only YOU care about. I’m sure you have a MySpace for that.


It is time to let this topic die. Closing now.