Why were aircrafts that were reworked not fully reworked?

Okay so I have a question for the community and developers here.

When some planes were reworked (such as the A380,777, etc physics wise), why did the developers not completely work the aircrafts?

I feel and some other community members feel like that this should have been necessary as we might have to wait a while for the aircrafts to be fully worked.


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The devs only rework certain aircraft at a time. They don’t rework them all at once. In order to get an aircraft reworked, the recommended thing is to make a #features request for it, and get people to vote on it.

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Ummm… they did rework the aircraft completely. It’s just that back when they were reworked/added, the developers did not have the experience and/or resources that they have now. This is why the older aircraft aren’t as good as the new ones. Like almost everything else, it improves with time.

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@ewanfleming I thought aircrafts like the 777 were reworked last year with improved physics though?

The physics were improved, yes. They might have just not done the cockpit as it wasn’t that bad, and not doing it also saves time.

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