Why we don't have a 21.5 Tracking Thread?

Hey Community,

I would like to know why we don’t have an 21.5 tracking thread please ?

Thanks in advance,



From what I know, tracking threads are usually made by TL3s, and it is up to them and the mods/devs when one is opened. One will come in due time, so we just need to be patient until that time comes.

Hope that helps!


Sounds good, thanks a lot!

Of course! :)

From this blog post we know that the developers intend to release more updates. From the more recent ones, we’ve seen an uptick in just general additions such as building airports and just making sure that an update is pushed out. As for why a 21.5 tracking thread… they would then have to hypothetically release a thread for each tiny update that may only consist of things like 3D building airports which would basically just evolve into a speculation thread more than anything.

Like I said, with the announcement of smaller and more concurrent updates, there just wouldn’t really be much to speak about. It’s entirely possible that you may see feature threads like the A330-300 one instead of updates because of this style of pushing out updates. ;)


Yeah, make sens, thanks Shane!