Why was this closed?

Hi IFC, just one little thing, I noticed that my feature request for the ANZ All Blacks 787 livery has been closed by the system, and I wonder why this was? I thought feature requests didn’t get closed unless by a mod? Could this get possibly get reopened?


No feature requests should never be closed unless it reaches 10000 replies.

It’s likely that your topic started in #general then was moved to #features

So you topic is still under the closing rules for the #general category despite it being moved to #features.

To re-open the topic, just contact @moderators, I’m sure they’ll be willing to help! :)

To get it reopened, you would have to contact a mod, and provide good reasoning as to why they should reopen it.

I don’t think feature requests are supposed to be closed after 90 days tho

Oh never mind, they don’t

This is accurate.
I’ve reopened it now.