Why was the XP for Advanced Server changed from 25.000 to 50.000?

Dear Infinite flight.

I was starting to have real fun with people who knew more about ATC and patterns on the advanced server.

As I can only play in evenings after my kids go to sleep and during the day i work. I was finally happy to reach the 25.000 mark. Alas my excitement was short lived as you changed the game rules. There must a reason i am sure but truly… saddening for “part time” players like me who spend 15-30 minutes every day playing infinite flight.

I can only recommend changing it back or making the XP level more realistic…

Comments anyone? IFFG/ Inifinite Dev?

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What? Did it change??!

Oh no! I am still at 35000… don’t have time to play during school…

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Its only for today

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Why only today? @Liam_Williams

For the FNF

I’m not happy at all about this I have 40,000xp so I’m very very annoyed

Oh thanks! :)

This was increased to 50k just for the FNF in an effort to reduce trolls.

It was temporarily (I think) raised to 50,000 so players may have a more professional and mature feel while flying on the advanced server during the Friday Night Flight today. Any nimrod on the advanced server automatically makes ATC’s lives 100x more difficult, and absolutely ruins the experience for everyone else.

You’re probably not one of those nimrods, but even if 9 great pilots and 1 nimrod were on the advanced server, all under 50,000XP, I think controllers would rather have 10 less pilots instead of having 9 more great pilots and a nimrod.


Yes but I’m not a troll and I have 40,000xp

Is there no way to lock a region for the fnf rather than the entire server access? Perhaps thats a better way…

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We controllers are open to suggestions guys. But you know it’s bad when controllers aren’t putting themselves forward to control as it was so bad on previous occasions.
Something will get sorted long term.

this is very stupid, just proves how lazy FDS is to regulate its advanced server. come on there are people who have 100k xp and are idiots while there are people with 25k who are very serious. i have around 60k but that doesn’t matter. come on Ifinite flight hire volunteers to regulate the advanced server

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As stated above, I have raised the minimum advanced server requirement to 50,000XP for today only until a long term solution is in place for FNFs. This week brought on an all time low in controller participation for the event due to the frustration of users who choose to not follow instructions and ignore the event procedure.

I tracked every ghost from the past week on the advanced server and 80%+ were between 25-50k XP. Controllers should have a realistic experience as well with experienced users who wish to embrace the FNF theme. This will affect the innocent as well but change is necessary as we experience growing pains together, working toward a more long term solution. Stay tuned for further changes which will effectively weed out those who do not follow instructions, leaving those who do unaffected. Thank you for your cooperation!


Hey Tyler, All good. As long as we know the logic - I’m all for having a great experience. I think that’s what makes infinite flight unique - The ATC experience.

Thanks for the clarification. I will be back tomorrow after the FNF. Until then, I am gonna hang on the ATC playground.

Till later!


If you hired volunteers I don’t think they could be considered volunteers ;). You cannot be everywhere at every second. Of course the moderators will be flying around, and they can ghost what they see, but not everything will be caught. remember that you can always report people! Three people reporting one person, and the person will be ghosted. Regardless of if serious restrictions were placed, I am sure that 100% of trolls will not be stopped.

It’s a shame I have 40,000xp and I was also looking forward to this weeks FNF

You’re welcome! I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I will respect each of you by telling you exactly how it is. Change is needed. Solutions don’t happen overnight and like day to day life, the innocent can be punished by the few that choose to ruin it for the rest.

Live and ATC is a very young system with many moving pieces. We have a wide age range with just about every world culture represented. This makes designing the perfect moderating system difficult, but it can be done.

So this is transparent, my wish is to create an algorithm that determines a users standing based on a landing/flights to violations/ghosting ratio. I would like to see users that continuously disobey rules resulting in ghosting and violations suspended for short periods of time, creating a better incentive to be a responsible part of the advanced server user base. Thanks for your patience and feedback!

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This is an all server event so you may participate on any server you qualify for! :)

Yes but I’ve done a FNF on playground before and I’m never doing it again.

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