Why was the thrust reverser deployed while this Philippines A330 was parked at the gate?

Apologies for the terrible quality
Just to give some info: I was at Shanghai Pudong International Airport a few days ago. I was going on the United 87 flight back to Newark. This photo was taken while I was in my seat. I saw that the thrust reversers were deployed and was curious as to why it was. If anyone knows the answer please tell me. Thanks


They’re probably checking the engine.


how else is it gunna back up?


Engine inspection most likely.


That’s what I thought but I wanted to make sure. Thanks

Hahahaha I guess that’s why

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They are saving money and using that to push back ;)

That would cost soo much more money in fuel use, damage, and legal fees.


That would be hilarious if they did that though!

you can see the ground crew, probably just some engine inspection no big deal.

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I guess maintenance or something.


Pushing back with reverse thrusters has been banned since the late 80’s

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So it is most likely an engine check

That used to be a thing?

Yes back then but now its banned for some reason I dont know of

(Edit) it was back then when they haven’t reconsidered a pushback truck

Well, I can only assume, to check on the engine. Once I as on a 744 and they left the spoilers deployed.

Noise maybe? The terminals would get incredibly loud if every aircraft was pushing back with thrust reversers.

Pushing back the Russian way as everyone calls it

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I am pretty sure that it’s both increasing the engine wear and dangerous, as the airflow through the engine is reverted and there would be strong „wind“/air flow with high temperatures directed at the terminal building, having the potential to cause damage + injuries.

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Wow, I guess Shanghai Airport doesn’t have a pushback tub for that A330 so I guess the PAL pilots said, “let’s use reverse thrust to back us up.”

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