Why was the Shuttle removed?

Because this :p



Is that from the devs?

Where did you find it? Also, when was this taken?

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Is that for live or solo?

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Its on Laura’s insta from 42 weeks ago - I copy & pasted the link to the image but the forum made it look like I uploaded it for some reason.


Oh… Cool!

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Just saw your post about the shuttle …l still have it on my other tablet…which is why l never upgraded…more challenging …particularly at night …than any normal IF aircraft…but the old app keeps demanding that I upgrade…so l can only fly solo with the original planes…no multiplayer live flight …is that your experience…also what were your highest scores for the three shuttle mission scenarios…

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Yes buddy because it’s outdated you cannot fly on live. In terms of a best score I haven’t really taken notice, I was just screwing around to get a screenshot for @Potato_pilot

I think you tortured everybody enough now with the pic barrage…anyway if you find any stats for the three missions…pm me back…and l will send you mine…it really is pretty easy to land right if you just try your best to follow the descent angle within the green parameters…and then just glide it in like an oversized behemoth …at about 50+ miles faster than a 747…what a rush…

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Uhhh ok, will do.

That moment when you realize you wanted to try the space shuttle but never got the chance to :(

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What? Really?

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I wish they would add it along with the missions back in this hot fix. Maybe even the missions on multiplayer, then people could compete.

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Time for a real answer to this :)

We started developing Infinite Flight a while back and a lot has changed under the hood. A few features we introduced some time ago are causing issues with our current goals and instead of leaving a broken feature in our simulator, we prefer removing it for the time being. This is basically what happened to the space shuttle.

Removing things is not something we are taking lightly; the reality is that in order to move forward we sometimes have to let go of some legacy content and features that can really affect our productivity.


So there’s a slight chance of it being added again?


How would you have space missions for global? Wouldnt that be more spacial or universal?


Yes, it would be. Although, the devs showed us those high quality photos from about FL300. Some planetary orbits could be fun to do :)


So, wait, the Space Shuttle was broken? How was it “broken”?

On a side note, thanks for the explanation.

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I spent too much time with the commercial aircrafts.