Why was the FNF post closed?

Why was the FNF post closed? Usually I see people saying how they like the FNF and commenting. Why was it closed this time? Did something go wrong when it was last opened?

For complains I guess

No comments required because it’s perfect


I don’t recall seeing anything wrong when the FNF was opened

It is! Misha did a wonderful job

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Idk honestly. Probably for complains but I really don’t know. Let’s wait Misha to answer this one

Previous FNF got pretty heated because of “another US FNF” . It was closed in case of anything like this happening again.


But it’s in Greece. Who doesn’t like Greece with the beautiful islands 😍?


I myself can’t complain. I love these kinds of flights ☺️

Also, Riga is featured, so bonus points.

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Yeah I know. It’s a pity because everyone in my VAs are very excited for this FNF and very thankful to Misha.

I wish Misha could answer himself so we’ll know his reasoning behind this decision.

Same reason why the ATC Weekly Schedules have been closed for the past 9+ Months. There’s no point to allow comments

The Type of FNF Topic Comments:

  • Beautiful FNF
  • Will there be a controller open at 0100Z when I land?
  • Why is this the FNF?! We do Greece too much!
  • So excited!

All comments and compliments can clearly be shown by liking the topic thread and all questions and concerns can be asked via PM or by creating a new topic.

Enjoy the FNF ☺️


But they were always open in the past and I don’t see what the problem was

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It’s probably because of the amount of people complaining about where ATC decides to go

Someone had to ruin the party unfortunately.

The goal is to serve as an announcement of the FNF. It is closed, like the ATC schedule, because comments are not required.


I’ll leave a detailed explanation in the hands of Balloonchaser here:

On a personal note, I do appreciate all the kind comments about the FNF. They hugely outweigh the negative ones. Our team, myself included, face a barrage of negativity and anger all day online, and closing the FNF also ensures that this is one place that we don’t have to face this each week.

Thanks all!