Why was the ATIS disabled?

As stated above, was it removed because people made stupid jokes with it? How did it work before it being disabled?

Before it was disabled you just tuned to it like any other frequency and it read you the information.

But I read it was used improperly. How?

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I removed the ATIS system so that we could redevelop it with a more realistic function. Previously, controllers used it to be extremely restrictive in their airport operation, listing exact runways that must be used, multiple pattern restrictions, etc. This ultimately lead to bad service and denied service unnecessarily.

The ATIS should be used to provide airfield information, not control instructions. I have some great ideas moving forward so its IF specific, but still like the real thing we use daily in the real world!


Thanks for clearing that up.

When will it be re-added into the game?

When they feel its been upgraded enough.

Yes it will. :)

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