Why was the 787-9 added?

So, quick question. Why was the 787-9 Virgin Atlantic added if it barely has any features? I thought this was pretty interesting, and I’d like to know why, thanks!

It is going to be redone soon. Stay tooned!

I know that, but why was it added in the first place?

It was probably one of the earlier aircraft FDS implemented. A lot of them at first only had one livery you know! :)

Really? Never knew it could’ve been made earlier, because it looks pretty rushed if you ask me :P

The 737-800 originally came out with only Southwest’s livery and went by the name “737-800”. Model seems to be of the same era as the 787-9.

Same with the 747-400; originally added with Boeing House Colors and nothing was animated… and the A380 with Air France… and soon enough the A321 (granted, it was probably one of the more “recent” of the older updates, since it had no cockpit but had animated parts).

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The 787 is a very old flight model that was added years ago, long before FDS had the capability of making planes like the A320 with full animated parts, high quality graphics and autoland. For quite a while, as @Johnny_K_Thai mentioned, the 747 had only one livery and a very inaccurate flight model. It has since been updated.
A similar case to the 787 is the C-17. It also lacks animated parts, cockpit, and its flight model is pretty inaccurate. It will be updated eventually.
I would bet the CRJ-200 was the most recent from this “era” of aircraft because it has a cockpit view (although it is very low quality and incomplete). FDS will eventually get around to updating all the old flight models to the standards set by their latest releases.

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@ItsPerses it was added to give us a sneak peak of what’s coming, if they added the 787-9, they’ll have the 787-8 and a redone 787-9 as well as a 787-10 in the future. They did the same with the A320 family, 737 family and 747 family. They started with an A321 now we’re getting the whole family, we got a 747-400 and now the VC-25, 747-SCA/SOFIA/200/400/8/8f. We had the 737-700 and now the 737-700bbj, -800 and -900 🤑😎😉✈️✈️✈️

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It was one of the earliest planes added and back then, the models were (to be completely honest) not exactly great. As time has gone on, all of the models have been updated except for the F-18, Boeing C-17 Globemaster, and the Boeing 787-9, hence the poor quality.