Why was runway 04L not used at KJFK?

Good afternoon IFC American 272 here where jus wondering why Rwy 4L wasn’t used for arrivals this afternoon is there a specific procedure for this hour that we didin’t kno about all answers will be appreciated like always :)

btw if forgot who was approach controller…

Which airport?

KJFK sorry for leaving that out…

How about telling us what airport you’re talking about here?
New York maybe? And what server are we talking about here? Expert?

Runways open are really up to the individual controller.
Many controllers first check which runways are in use in real life, and try to copy this. But not all do that.

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it was @ KJFK
server: Expert
controller: forgot :/

Well it’s really winds and at the controllers expense. Being a JFK native, the 31s are a better option for efficiency given the current winds at the airport. Perfect set for maximizing takeoffs and landings as one doesnt have to cross 31R or 31L just for takeoff and can cross the unused runways (4s/22s)

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Man you are one of the most professional and best IFC response provider ever. Simple, understanding and detailed. This may be a little off topic but just needed it out there.

I think he is using the English language or something


@Trio shouldn’t the title be, ‘Why was runway 04L not used at KFJK’

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I respect what u are saying but I guarantee they would of got more people on the ground some I saw had to go around and all I could think about is what if someone didn’t calculate fuel right something they would be in some trouble lol

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