Why was Infinite Flight removed Offline?

Long time ago you could play Infinite Flight offline. But, why was that removed?

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You can still fly on solo

I wondered the same. It was only for solo though. Now solo has to be accessed on WiFi or LTE. I am pretty sure it is because after you exit the app the app has to load again all the servers. The app doesn’t know if your going to play on live or solo, that way it has to load both. The live servers require WiFi but once it doesn’t receive WiFi the message error pops up


Long time ago, we only had regions. Downloading them wouldn’t use up much space, so IF allowed you to.
Now we have the whole earth with satellite imagery and downloading that would take up a lot of storage. The team decided to stream the terrain.to your device as you fly and that requires a stable connection to the server (the “Global server”) while flying.
However, the devs said (in livestreams) that it might come back sometime in the future. :)


I think it’s because IF now “streams” the HQ satellite images. The old version both pre-live and live had regions, which was easier to store locally. When global came out, offline access has been removed. You won’t be able to store hundreds if not thousands of gigabytes of satellite images.


That makes since! Maybe we should have an option where we could download 5 airports for offline use!

If you are interested, you can vote here:


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