Why was I reported?

Sorry I’m not sure to post here or in LIVE or ATC, I just took off from Dublin and then got this notification :

I just can’t understand why was I being reported as I did nothing wrong and follow ATC instructions / already clear to take off from RWY34.

Maybe @AirspeedAlive can give a proper explanation? :)

Hang tight as it seems there is a server update in progress. Go fly in Casual or TS1 for the time being.

I wasn’t being ghosted, did I?

This seems to tie in with the new Expert Server prerequisites. If your landing counts outweigh your vios by 2 to 1 and your ghostings are below the threshold announced by FDS then you should be fine. Just be patient as things settle with the server update.

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New Requirements (updated even more after it was released)

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Alright then, I believe I do, so I’ll wait & see :)

Ok then, I think my stats are good enough for the new requirements, do I?

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You will need to spawn in on one of the servers and compare your landing count to your total violations utilizing LiveFlight.