Why was I demoted

Why was I demoted from Grade 4 to grade 3

I am sure that I have not been reported or Ghosted
I have the XP and landing as of grade 4 but the game shows Grade 3

Your landings for 90 days are less than what’s required. 100 is required. You’ve got 96, that’s why your Grade 3 not 4 :)


You don’t have enough landings for grade 4. You have 96 landings last 90 days but need 100. :)

Thanks I didn’t notice that

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No problem! Glad I could help :)

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Yes you need to have at least 100 landings within the last 90 days and you have 96. Just do 4 landings and you’ll be back at Grade 4. You have to keep that number above 100 to stay at grade 4.


If you ever wonder why you’re not a certain grade, just look at what’s orange under grade 4. In this case, your past 90 day landing count should be 100 to be grade 4 (orange), but under the ‘you’ column, you can see you only have 96 landings.


Thankyou sir I’ll remember that

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