Why was I charged twice?

I just renewed my Infinite Flight subscription in September. You guys said that you would be honoring those subscriptions that were renewed for the Pro version. When I attempted to log in today, it gave me the option to upgrade. I clicked the link for “I already have a subscription”. I entered my password and was told that I did not have a valid subscription. I was given the option to upgrade to pro using your new price plan. My card was charged $79. I think this is outrageous since you guys said that you would honoring live+ subscriptions that were already renewed for the new pro system, as a way if saying thank you for waiting. I literally JUST renewed a month ago. Who do I contact for refund to my credit card? Will you guys be making this right, or do I need to contact Apple directly?

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This is a known issue

Contact Apple Support for any refunds.

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We are sorry to hear you purchased a subscription rather than the “I already have a subscription” option but would be happy to help.

Unfortunately all Apple transactions are handled by them and a refund of the second purchase must be done by contacting their support staff. That being said, private message me with your display name and callsign and I’d be happy to endure your subscription is properly on your account.

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Tyler- to be clear: I DID Click the “Already have a subscription” link. When I did, it gave a message of “no active subscription found”. The ONLY link left to be able to log in was “upgrade”. I was unable to log on and play until I clicked upgrade.


I’d be happy to add your additionally purchased subscription to your account if you’d like? Otherwise you must contact the iTunes support staff to request a refund for the second purchase, as they handle all transactions. We apologize for any inconvenience!



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