Why Vulkan will make infinite flight compatible with even low end devices

Here’s why I believe why Vulkan will make infinite flight better.

  1. It speeds up fps. Even for low end devices.
    2 better lighting. Aircraft lights are ugly. And I keep them off because they are embarrassing. I never use them. When infinite flight fixes the lighting system, it will make stuff a lot more realistic.

The current shadows will lag out mid and low end devices. With Vulkan, there will be no more of that.

The only thing that matters is only just one simple thing. Faster rendering.

Some of the things in your post contradict one another. What are you trying to say? Are you confused by what Project Metal can offer?

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While it’s called Project Metal, it’s for both iOS (Metal) and Android (Vulkan).

Feel free to read the blog post below for more information!


Sorry, did not know Vulkan was for Android. I am aware of Metal.
Yes, I am aware now, thank you.


I think you might be giving Vulkan a little bit too much credit. I can’t help notice this topic has appeared after your support topic regarding your LG K51 not running the simulator well. Whilst Vulkan will provide a better performance overhead, there are still going to be requirements for devices to allow the simulator to run smoothly. A low end device will be marginally better, but it’s not suddenly going to transfer into 60fps max graphics… A bad device, unfortunately, is still a bad device. There’s also the fact your device needs to support the Android API at Lv24, something that not all low end phones do.


My phone is not even a low end phone. It’s a mid range business kind of thing that for whatever reason, has a somewhat good but not all that great literal potato for a GPU. Not don’t get me wrong. The potato can run infinite flight, and I have been able to use the simulator. It’s just that fps is a problem.

i thought you threw your phone off a bridge

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Neither Vulkan or Metal support will be a magical cure. It will improve various things and enable us to later on add features to today would annihilate performance on any device. That + the fact that we have no choice since OpenGL won’t be supported forever is why we’re doing this.

As the K51 was brought up;

It’s in the $150 range which unfortunately is to consider as “low-end” in terms of mobile gaming. The GPU was launched in 2014 and have relatively low benchmarks. (https://www.notebookcheck.net/PowerVR-GE8320-Graphics-Card-Benchmarks-and-Specs.372646.0.html)

Does that mean it’s a bad device? No, certainly not. But not all devices even though they might brand new, is appropriate for gaming. It’s the same for regular computers. I can buy a $3000 laptop and still not be able to run Minecraft in anything higher than 25 fps. Different devices simply have different focus areas :)


Hmm… This phone runs infinite flight fairly for a low end phone…

I have a Kindle Fire from 2014 that “runs” the simulator, doesn’t mean it’s a good experience. I also have an old Samsung phone that “runs” the simulator. Any device that is supported can “run” a game or sim, doesn’t mean it’s going to have an enjoyable or even playable experience though.

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For me it’s a play experience, and it kinda gets better during cruise. But only Vulkan will tell if this helps me or not.

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