Why using NAV1?

Search for DME ARC on the forum you will it straight away

Try switching you ap to appr, that should get point it towards the ILS

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I tried setting Nav1 at KeyWest today, but it doesn’t work at all on any runway. Also the APPR button doesn’t not work. Did several attempts at landing but failed every time. It’s frustrating. :(

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Is NAV1 only working on the A350??

@Pierrr Have you seen this tutorial yet?

@Gerrit_Ntboom No, it should work for all aircraft.


i’m not the only one, who’s struggling with it.

thxs for the vid @Pilot3792-01

  • i have still some questions, one is: at 0:30 i see on your alt meter, a green dot. How do it get that? @azeeuwnl (dit groene balletje bedoelde je)
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@TaipeiGuru im in trobble then…

In my point of view: NAV1 is not working, and its useless. Ill make a FlightPlan, incl. approach and before the landing: i click on APPR.

Because if i use NAV1, i crash all the time.

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@Soviet_Salsa yes, thats the only option that work.
And before the update was that okay. After the update we have NAV1.

So why using NAV1.

It seems to me like you simply don’t understand how to use it, rather than it not working.

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@schyllberg already answered your question as you may have glazed over it. The issue lies within you needing to change your Source at a more appropriate time. Your SOURCE by default is set to GPS. GPS will follow your flight plan; whatever you’ve got set in your map.

When you tune into the ILS, it puts those frequencies into NAV1. The issue in your case is, once you hit NAV1 in the Airports -> Runway tab, you’re changing your SOURCE from GPS to NAV1. NAV1 should only be turned on under SOURCE when you’re on final if you wish the autopilot to fly.

You can change your SOURCE from GPS to NAV1 but you need to fly in HDG (heading) mode or hand fly to “steer” your plane as instructed by ATC if applicable


NAV1/2 are the source of the signal, not a navigation mode. Unlike GPS which is its own navigation system (following the active line on the flight plan)

But it doesn’t even align us correctly. Mine gets me aligned with a taxiway even if I’m right on the localizer on final

When you don’t provide a visual example it just sounds like user error

I would suggest taking a peek at how to change the ILS alignment found here: The DME Arc: How its done

I think I got this. Problem is: how can I select the runway and have the glide slope and the needle appear if the ILS is not available? I’m talking about a non APPR landing, of course.

You can’t. The glideslope will only appear on ILS approaches. They were removed from GPS approaches to mirror realism found in the real world.

Then how can I perform a GPS approach?

I’m really sorry for these questions, for some it might be the simplest thing to learn but I can see a lot of us are having a hard time to figure this out. Point in case, many pilots are doing missed approach in Key West right now.

Anyway thank you for your support!

GPS approches will be conducted similar in nature to a visual approach. If the airport supports the GPS waypoints, you can still use the autopilot to fly the approach.

It would help to have a chart up if you want to fly a gps approach.