Why using NAV1?

Since the last update, I don’t understand the NAV1 option / addition.

I follow the steps as everyone indicates, but as soon as I switch on NAV1, the plane flies directly to the airport. (instead of a nice approach)

Who can make a clear video instruction??

photo 1: in the white circle i click on NAV1, and you see, the airplane goes 180º left.
But my alt is 3500… so how to land?

When do i use NAV1 and at what moment? Right before the rnwy?

Then photo 2: look: i click on rnwy 23L for nav1 and then happend this.

And then again: instead of approaching on rnwy 23L, the plane just flies somewhere.

It is not at all clear to me how I can use NAV1 and make it easier.


You’re experiencing the same problem as me!

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Are you sure you switched autopilot off NAV to APPR?


Ok I clearly don’t know what’s going on, sorry. It works fine for me. I manually intercept the localiser I have set on NAV1.


its not working here.

it is starting to annoy me.

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@schyllberg is this a bug or by design

The NAV/APPR function will turn your aircraft based on what the NAV SOURCE is set to.

This behavior is expected. You’re switching to NAV1 too soon. It won’t care about your flight plan, it will only try to aim for the runway.


You need to watch the tutorial by deercrusher called flying the DME ARC

@schyllberg so what is then the function NAV1?

Do we need that?

APPR is usefull, and good stuff to have, but NAV1?? (or nav2)

@MarkJudge01 do you have a link for me (us)?

Alright, NAV 1 in this case is the ILS course, it will turn to intercept the ILS the shortest way possible.
Using APPR is only available with ILS (which you can only set on nav 1) and what it does is get you on a more precise heading and a glideslope.

NAV1 (or 2) is also used on VOR navigation. You use it with VORs so you don’t have to manually align with the radial.


@Q-ENAN so NAV1 is not the same as APPR?

But, how about this:
my airport has no ILS option, and the plane no APPR option … then you can use NAV1?

Infinite Flight Tutorial: Using NAV1, ILS/APPR with New HUD A350.

Search for DME ARC on the forum you will it straight away

Try switching you ap to appr, that should get point it towards the ILS

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I tried setting Nav1 at KeyWest today, but it doesn’t work at all on any runway. Also the APPR button doesn’t not work. Did several attempts at landing but failed every time. It’s frustrating. :(

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Is NAV1 only working on the A350??

@Pierrr Have you seen this tutorial yet?

@Gerrit_Ntboom No, it should work for all aircraft.