Why users can't edit liveries for aircrafts?

First of all, this is not a feature request, it’s more of a question to developers.

I was wondering why we can’t edit aircraft liveries like the IFAE team edit airports. They edit REAL airports then someone verify and approve them.

What are to obstacles to have the same kind of systems for real aircraft liveries?

I can’t edit airports -my computer basically can’t run any of the apps required to do that-, but I’d like to help in other way. I think this would also help a lot with some liveries request.


The aircraft are made in 3DS Max, and are then Unwrapped UVW, which is then saved as either a .jpeg or .png and is then textured in Photoshop

Source: I am a Game Developer who used to use 3DS Max for Objects to be used in Unreal Engine 4.

Though I may be wrong :)


Thanks for answering, but still: why people outside FDS can’t do that and send?

Well, in order for you to edit the Textures and add your own livery, you need a copy of the .3ds file, as well as 3DS Max, and a copy of either the modified .png/.jpeg or the original .uvw file and access to Photoshop to make your own livery. But in order to load it into a game, you either need to code it or export as .obj for a game engine such as Unreal Engine 4.


I’m not sure if the OP of this topic meant it in an online way. Like say, if local storage is used and people can download and upload liveries at their will, kind of like FSX? I wouldn’t mind that at all, honestly.


I think having undefined liveries redirected to the generic livery of that aircraft for other people would be fine.

If you read above, I mentioned a little about how Airport Editing works:

Only real liveries would be edited and then revised

Is it also that IFAE have all of the airport files already made from X-Plane to build on as opposed to starting from scratch?



THANK YOU @BluePanda900, that’s what I was looking for…

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This topic can be closed now… Thanks everybody for the answers!

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