Why two different messages for the same violation

So i I was flying in a Cessna caravan and I got a violation for being over 175knts under 10k fine, so I climb above 10k then reach 175knts and says don’t go over 175knts to avoid a penalty. I’m like why can’t it be just one message that comes up so it does not confuse users like me that flies jets all the time just a different message don’t excced 260knts below 10k so when I get just above 10k I can go up to 350knts. Here’s the photos below https://photos.app.goo.gl/G8WQnAA7M6K21Pms6

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The Caravan have different speed capabilities and limitations than a commercial jet. That’s the easy answer :)

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So kind :)

Thank you for you response. Yea I thought so that could have been the case but at the same time I didn’t know if it was a bug which I know their is with the F16 which I’ll note in a different post. Kind regards Infiniteflight-Pilot

Looking at your photos, I can see you have some legitimate confusion due to the wording of the speed warning: “Reduce speed below 175kts below 10,000ft to avoid violations.”

It makes it appear as though you would be safe from violation if you simply climb above 10,000ft, which you did, but then you received another violation. You received a violation for following the advice of the violation!

The violation is in violation! The correct violation is 175knts is the redline airspeed for that aircraft. It has nothing to do with 10,000ft.

Ideally the violation message should be fixed.


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