Why treat me like that, IF? (Weather BUG) :(

After a long 9:30 hours flight from my beautiful Brazil … I notice that the Weather Radar turns red (which has been common for the last few months) at 35,000ft just before my descent. But like every Brazilian … my hope is the last one to die. I continued. I believed that Weather would turn green again. I took the risk of triggering the Radar contact (the nice Prashant was at the frequency) and continued to believe that the IF’s resources would not let me down. It didn’t turn green. I didn’t stress. But I was sad. And this is my sad funny story about a flight that didn’t work. See you later…


It was down and is still down for me right now in descent but it is what it is i guess

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This may not be IF, but the provider from which IF receives their weather data. I hope you still had a good flight!


On the another hand, when you get closer to the airport, the weather conditions will update to what it is METAR the airport is reporting. So the wind will die down hopefully.

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That’s what I meant … maybe it’s time for Infinite Flight to change the provider. After all, this directly affects the overall performance of the application. Do not you think?

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Did not happen.

Weather is a complicated thing to track and collect data from. It will never be 100% perfect, and I’m sure the developers have a mostly reliable provider who offers relatively good data.

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I have the same issue, and I’ve had it for more than an hour, so I doubt it’ll reset at the top of the hour for me since it didn’t at the last hour.


Currently battling a 100knt head wind on final approach at Heathrow

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weather is now green. flagged to be closed

That’s assuming there is another provider that can provide the data in a way we can handle. Which there isn’t.

Anyhow, it’s fixed now :)


just wondering, is there a way we can view the weather from that provider, windy.com hasnt always got the same weather as IF.

NOAA, it’s all public :)


It’s quite irritating when your ground speed increases by about 90 kts on short final because then your landing speed is far too high

Understood. Know that this unfortunate problem does not affect the thousands of successful flights already simulated at the IF. Thank you for that!