Why TNCM doesn't have ground control?

I’ve always thought TNCM didn’t have an option for ground because it’s a small airport maybe there is no need…but today I flew into TFFJ and that smaller airport has ground control… can anyone clarify why TNCM doesn’t have ground then? Thanks in advance.

Interesting. I don’t believe TFFJ has a ground freq. in real life either. St. Bart’s is pretty small.

There is ;)

Hi, I changed title to reflect your actual question. When I first saw your title I thought you were talking about lack of parking space.

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I’m not exactly sure of the reason why it is so in real life. I assume because it’s small and tower could probably handle ground control. In IF, the frequencies at TNCM are what’s there in real life :)


TFFJ airport info

TNCM airport info

Neither airport has a ground frequency

Sry :3

TFFJ is a very small airport, it’s complicated to manage the ground control when there are 6 planes in the area

…and unnecessary due to its small size.

Thanks for the info fellas… I was just shocked when I landed in St. Barts and was told to contact ground and there was actually a ground frequency… that caught me by surprise.

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Someone has report this error ?

TFFJ doesn’t have a ground frequency in real life. It will be removed in the next update.

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Realism is everything. I’m not going to leave frequencies that don’t exist IRL


Thank you! I was trying to clarify in an earlier post.

Sad to see it go…ground gives the controller more command options…but hopefully in the future tower will have more commands available to facilitate controlling traffic on the ground at TNCM and TFFJ.

Tapa and TFFR have ground controller IRL?

Yes. Both TAPA and TFFR have ground freqencies IRL.

TAPA airport info:

TFFR airport info:

Ask and you shall receive. 😀. Actually I just remodeled this airport for the next update. Swang I did not change any of the comms stuff just refreshed the taxiways buildings and lines

@Kilt_McHaggis Did you reclone the repo before editing the airport? If you didn’t then you wrote your changes on the original airport instead of my changes.

Sean I have done no work on TNCM. Looks like JcFl4 made a change 2 hours ago.
image. Should sync during next update