Why those new airplanes?

I certainly wouldn’t mind the space shuttle coming back

Well for one no one forced anyone to buy a subscription so that’s completely irrelevant.

That goes both ways you know.

The point was it’s the same topic we have heard over and over. No one if forcing anyone to do anything here. That was what the developers did. If you didn’t like it fine, but why cause a huge stink about something just because you don’t agree with it?


Free speech means the government can’t punish you for whining, but it doesn’t entitle you to have others listen. Doesn’t apply here at all.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

US Constitution

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Everyone that is replying that IF is mainly airliners is highlighting the exact problem that FDS is trying to fix… there a very large untapped military and GA community that could enjoy IF as well. It’s not smart to get tunnel vision and focus on just one niche.


You’re maybe not aware of that but the A10 have a very annoying glitch. Over a certain altitude the engines cut.

The team choose not only to correct it, but also to rework the whole aircraft.

And for the TBM, I’m still a bit confuse because the Sr22 or the Cessnas are waiting for a rework (a graphics one). I guess they just had to oportunity to add a well made aircraft…

And of course, the A330 fans are still waiting for a rework and yeah, I guess we will finally be legitimate to ask for the most awaited rework.

No group of people is “too small” to offer a rework on an aircraft… The jet fan community is massive, it seems you don’t appreciate that. Sure there are other aircraft that deserve a rework, But personally I welcome a reworked military plane.

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We sure are! :)
Don’t worry, it will be coming eventually.


I appreciate every group of people, but I only said that if 3/4 of Infinite Flight are Airliner fans, why there are so many updates recently including other type of aircraft. I appreciate every aircraft reworked or included, but if 70% of the community, I think for example that every 10 reworked or added aircraft, 7 should be Airliners. IT’S ONLY MY OPINION.

There’s no need to bring mathematics into this… It’s evening and I don’t even remember how to do sums.
Regardless of how big a group of people are, it doesn’t mean they should get priority! The MD11/ DC10 family was added into Infinite Flight, pleasing both the Passenger and Cargo players by offering both variants of the aircraft. The A320 family had somewhat of a tweak to make then nicer and more appealing for airline fans. The CRJ family has been reworked, and whilst they may not be widebodies, they’re still commercial passenger aircraft.

There may be a large airliner fan base… But that’s because the majority of people fly long hauls, not because they love one category of aircraft more than the other.
The GA community received the TBM, which if I’m not mistaken, is the first new GA aircraft since the SR22.
The Jet community hasn’t had anything since the slight tweak on the Jets.
The military fans haven’t had anything since the release of the MD11 Tanker, and before that the C130!
Just because you personally want a specific aircraft, doesn’t mean that everyone else does.

How do you know this? Or is it just a guess?

This really annoyed me. Who are you to class a group as too small? Everyone deserves an equal right to a reworked aircraft. If we worked on this terminology, the Military Group would NEVER receive an aircraft. Considering Aerosync, which I ran, worked primarily on Military aircraft, there would have been NO future updates for us.

You wanted my opinion? I think even more now after this post, the military community deserves a rework. This shows just how much some people regard our community.
There are already many Airliners that are of a very high quality. A320 family, B737, B747, B777, B787, CRJ, ERJ.
So yeah. My opinion.


I just said it’s my opinion. If yours is different, I am happy to know as opinions as possible to expand my knowledge of aviation and Infinite Flight

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Remember this

I won’t stop remembering this.

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Just don’t claim free speech, or you-know-who will be very upset ;}

I think this question have been answered to death now :)