Why this thread was closed?

Hello everyone!
I hate opening these topics but @MishaCamp didn‘t answered to my question:)
Can someone explain me why this thread was closed because I would love to vote for this livery ✈️

Thanks !

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This is an old topic without votes, so it might be that the OP requested closure or something similar.

Pleas ask the adequate moderator (Misha) via PM the next time (and a bit of waiting might happen as the moderators can be quite busy).

Also if you want to vote for a closed request, just make a new topic!


I have already asked him yesterday…
Think of creating a new one but I‘m not quite sure

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If it’s closed and there is no other (open) one, feel free to create a new one.

Misha last posted 21h ago, so he might well be busy with real life commitments in the moment, which means you will unfortunately have to have a bit more patience in waiting for a reply :|.

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For future reference, I suggest waiting at least 48 hours for a reply from a mod before making a topic. They could be busy, and remember that they have lives, just like you and me.

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The topic was closed almost 3 years ago(!).
I’m going to be honest here - if you’re expecting anyone to remember exactly why it was closed, since there’s no closing message in there… you’re extremely optimistic about peoples memory :)


I’d really like that thread to be re-opened, to be honest. That livery is nothing short of incredible!

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It would honestly be better to make a new one for whoever is ip to that task. Then you can add more information and details and such to the request :)

Well I still remember exactly what I did May 21st 2005, May 24th 2018, July 11th 2018, June 17th 2004, April 20th 2018, October 30th 2015, April 9th 2014 and etc etc but that’s just me 😉


Damn. And I can’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday.


Feel free to make a new one :)