Why this happens?

The ghost plane

Adam is probable flying the unreleased Challenger 350

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It could be a multitude of possibilities… 👻

But on a serious note, it could be anything from a server side or personal internet problem.

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Could be it is a possibility.

Dingos ate through the internet cables…


I was following you, but there was no plane,👻👻👻

100% 👀. Are you starring in the next ghostbusters movie?

Ummm My internet was good I saw another planes but not yours… jajajaja as I say you are the ghost of the air… cooming soon on IF. Jajajajajajaja

them doggone dingos at it again! 😒

I saw Rafa as Unknown for some reason at KMIA


  1. Challenger 350 beta
  2. You have plane rendering amount set to ‘low’
  3. Your internet or phone is possibly being garbage
  4. Illuminati

I wonder what could be the dead giveaway that it’s not a server issue, hm…

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my internet and phone aren’t a garbage

Relax no need to get overreactive

Thats rude :/

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